Our beliefs and values guide Who We Are.

The phrase “Samaritan” has come to mean someone who helps a stranger. That is why our company is named Student Samaritan. We are on a mission to help millions of student loan borrowers who are delinquent or in default on their student loans.

We guide student loan borrowers through the process of rehabilitation of their loans. We help the borrower to obtain a payment plan for their student loans that is based on their income – not some arbitrary formula. This strategy not only makes payments affordable, it avoids the aggressiveness of collection agencies and wage garnishment.

We provide this service for free because it is the right thing to do and the good thing to do.

We understand the economic hardship faced by student borrowers who have had difficulty in the workplace or other events that impact their ability to generate sufficient income. We believe that we can help. We can’t solve every problem – but we know we can put together a plan that will help every student loan borrower make repayment fit within their situation.

While politicians blame each other, we understand that solutions for student borrowers are mostly about a “hand-up” – not a “hand-out.”

Student Samaritan provides that hand-up.

Who are we? We are Student Samaritan and we make a difference for our nation by giving strangers a hand-up.